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  • Repair and Maintenance

    speed="600"][bt_image src="/images/services/repair/re.jpg" title="re.jpg" link="" parent_tag="slider"][/bt_slider] All Signs need Service and Maintenance. We have the Best Trained Crew members with years of experience to repair and maintain any sign.
  • Sign Fabrication

    src="/images/services/fabrication/fa.jpg" title="fa.jpg" link="" parent_tag="slider"][/bt_slider] Hi-Tech Sign Company offers a variety of Illuminated and Non-illuminated Sign Fixtures. We tender LED’s, Neon, Electronic Display Boards, Menu Boards,...
  • Graphics and Design

    arrows="no" pagination="none" autoplay="5000" speed="600"][bt_image src="/images/services/graphic/gd.jpg" title="GRAPHIC DESIGNS" link="" parent_tag="slider"][bt_image src="/images/services/graphic/fa.jpg" title="GRAPHIC DESIGNS" link=""...
  • Installation

    [bt_slider uid="1481313382-584b0c661075b" source="media:images/services/installation" target="_blank" width="0" crop="no" thumbnail_width="565" thumbnail_height="365" show_title="no" centered="yes" arrows="no" pagination="none" autoplay="5000"...
  • Project Management

    src="/images/services/management/ma.jpg" title="ma.jpg" link="" parent_tag="slider"][/bt_slider] Hi-Tech Signs in L.A. brings the same level of Professionalism to Installation and Maintenance Services as we do to Design and Manufacturing.
  • Cal State Fullerton New Large Metal letters for Titans

    Free Standing Metal Letters made and installed by Hi-Tech Signs at Cal-State Fullerton / CA

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